I was a little late for work this morning.

First, I went to get out of bed and this happened.

pawcibly detained

You know, I’d really like to get up but I was being pawcibly detained. {See what I did there? Forcibly/pawcibly. I know right? I crack myself up too. And it’s only Monday.}

Then, when we were only one nappy, a pair of jeans and shoes away from the front door, this happened.

good place for a chat

Little Miss I don’t want to go anywhere near that thing, and I definitely don’t want to sit on it, decided this morning was the day. Not that anything came of it, but we enjoyed our 15 minute chat sitting in the bathroom. Particularly this part: Did you pee Bubba? No mumma, but the toilet catch my fart. Okay, good then. That’s a start. {Yes, I did fall about giggling! Did you even have to wonder?}

So that’s why I’m late. Not quite the dog ate my homework. But close. Actually I think a lot of times Motherhood is just like the dog ate my homework.

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  1. Sage says:

    Too funny! Of course, the power of that paw was meant to keep you there. And Bubba is getting there. At least she didn’t pee all over the floor like the Popstar did last time I was there and she wanted to sit on her potty.

    Sage’s Mom

    1. I figure I’m used to pee on the floor … puppies were probably good preparation for Bubba potty training! We had another long chat tonight while she sat there, with nothing happening.

  2. theloverlist says:

    I love a bit of toilet talk to start a Monday morning! Thanks for the laugh Poppy.

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