Material things

Material things.

There are very few things in my home that I utterly love. Note I said things. Material things. I like to think that if something happened and I lost all of my possessions, that I would be super sad, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Because I have a very keen notion of what’s important.

Yesterday though, I lost one of the few things in my home that I was hoping to keep forever then hand down to Bubba. I was in the shower early morning and I heard an almighty crash. Living in a house that is joined on either side to our neighbours, we have very few windows. For a split second I thought it was Bubba’s window, until I rounded the corner from my ensuite, and was met with a scene of destruction.

Thankfully, and by some small miracle, neither Bella or Beary were laying at the foot of my bed or at the bathroom door. Or even on my bed. Both of them, it seems, had decided to guard Love Bug’s bedroom door as they were both in the hallway.

My beautiful Venetian mirror {a precious gift from my Little Sister and her husband} – which has been in the same spot for the 18 months we’ve lived in our house – was face down on the floor, the main piece of mirror intact, but every other piece of glass shattered. Whatever ghostly creature moved it, they sure did it with force. It managed to take a chunk of my iron bed frame with it on the way down.

I am so so so glad that Love Bug was still in bed, and that my fuzzy loves were not in their usual spot, but I am also very sad that my gorgeous mirror is gone.

mirror mirror

Not just any old mirror, it’s the mirror I used to record my bump watch. And although in this photo it’s a little dusty, this is one of my favourite bump watch photos. 25 weeks pregnant. Bella keeping an eye on the neighbourhood out the front window, Beary wandering around checking on all of us, and Guess How Much I Love You visible on my bedside table. I started reading it to her every night all that time ago!

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  1. That is such a great photo! I am sorry about your beautiful mirror… what a force indeed to have moved it like that?! I am glad that none of your sweet loves got hurt.

  2. Dalton says:

    I am sorry about your mirror but so pleased that no one was hurt!!

  3. What a bummer about the baby bump mirror. But yes, it’s a good thing the crash didn’t come along with somebody fuzzy or otherwise getting hurt. If the frame is intact, can a new mirror be put into it?

    1. No, unfortunately the frame was all of the venetian glass. My room looks empty today!

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