Hop skip and jump

Saturday was a hop skip and jump kind of day.

We hopped. For the first time ever. Everyone got into it, but in the end we declared Bella the official Queen of Hopscotch.

hop skip and jump 1 hop skip and jump 2

hop skip and jump 3

She looks pretty happy with her new title, no?

We skipped. It’s a bit tricky to hold the skipping rope, teach someone to skip and take a photo {while explaining to a 32kg puppy that he can’t really join in}, so you’ll have to use your imagination here. Hint: there was a LOT of giggling going on.

We jumped. On mumma’s bed. At bedtime. Because, well, just because.

We hope you all had a fun day too.

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  1. Congratulations, Bella – and all the rest of you giggling hop-skip-and-jumpers! xoxo

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