You’re the best

Bubba and I have been reading a Lucy Cousins book for a while. The title is I’m the best and I think that’s when I started saying to her you’re the best.

i'm the best - lucy cousins

Dog is the main character in the book and he thinks he’s the best because he can do things better than his friends. Not that he doesn’t adore his friends, but Dog has a teeny tiny inflated ego.{Plot spoiler alert!} Ultimately, of course, they each discover they are best at certain things. Of course, in the end Dog acknowledges everyone’s strengths, but decides having the fluffiest ears makes him the best. I tend to agree with him!

My reason for sharing that? I say to Bubba you’re the best. Not only when we’re reading the story, just randomly. This morning, as I sat with one of the Easter rabbit family tucked into the top of my sweater, she looked at me and said Mumma, you’re the best.

In turn, I said she was the best and she looked at me again but you’re the best mumma.

Okay Love Bug, if you say so!

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  1. Why can’t everybody be the best?

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