The little things

My Love Bug

There are so many little things right now that make me smile and fill my heart to the point it may burst. Just when I think you can’t get any cuter *BOOM* there you are, even cuter than you were yesterday.

You will brush your teeth yourself when other people are around, but if it’s just the two of us you like to sit in my lap and have me brush them for you. You pull silly faces at me and giggle as I try to manoeuvre the toothbrush around your teeth when your lips are pulled tight over them. I miss you being a tiny baby and getting to hold you super close all the time, so during these few moments I soak in your proximity and hold it in my heart for when we’re apart.

the little things

Even though you’ve always had such a wonderful relationship with your fuzzy siblings, you’re getting closer by the day. You hate to be doing something and have them miss out. Just last night we were on my bed reading and I picked up Go, Dog. Go! when you noticed Bella wasn’t on the bed. You yelled out Bella come, mumma’s reading the story. You missing it. Of course, Bella came bounding in at the sound of your voice.

At night when I put you to bed, we go through the list of people who love you and I always end with who loves you most? And you answer Mumma. This week you asked me but who love you most mumma? Then, without pausing for breath, or for me to answer, you pointed at the pups who were beside your bed, and said Bella and Beary and Me!

Ridonculous! Are you really all mine?

Moon and back
{World’s Luckiest} Mumma xox


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweetest. Letter. Ever. She’s really looking more and more like you. Family….

  2. So cute! What a darling! My little Miss and I have started doing our favourite part of the day recaps when I tuck her into bed! She loves it just as much as I do!

  3. theloverlist says:

    “but who love you most mumma?”
    “Bella and Beary and Me!”
    Tears. Welling. Up. What a beautiful little girl you are raising.

  4. Bassa's Blog says:

    Ridonculously wonderful! xx

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