Conversations with my toddler

If you’ve ever spent time in the company of a toddler, you’ll know they have no filter. What they think is what they say. And they say the funniest things. No matter where you are! Here are a couple of conversations we’ve had lately.

In the shopping mall. A very loud pfffffffttttt sound is heard. Love Bug {at the top of her lungs} Mumma, did you fart? Mumma {almost as loud because, well you know, I needed to make my answer heard} No bubba, I didn’t. Mumma, did you fart just a little bit? Oh, look … there’s the car park sign. Let’s get out of here!

Driving to grandmas. Crossing an intersection at a green light. Learner driver in front slams on their brake {for no obvious reason} so I do the same. What happened mumma? Nothing darling, the car in front of me just stopped really quickly. Naughty car. Did you smash it mumma? Um, no I didn’t smash it. Did you smash it a little bit?

Are we sensing a theme here? For the record, I’ve had one car accident in 20-something years of driving. And it was in a very similar situation when the person turning the corner in front of me at a green light stopped suddenly. But this time I most certainly did not smash it. Not even a little bit.

Mumma getting dressed. She points at my boobs. I used to drink from there. Yes you did, lots of bubbas drink milk from their mummas. {Looking at me as if I were crazy} It’s not milk mumma. It was yummy for my tummy.

conversations with my toddler

And my current favourite mispronounced words:

Mecimens {medicine}.
Affocato {avocado – heavy on the ffffffff}.
Mimato {tomato. Quite often mixed up with affocato, and not just in her salad}.

Out of the mouths of babes.

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  1. Hilarious! Of course that’s not milk! OMG.

    1. Thank DOG she saved that gem for the privacy of our own home!!

  2. Brilliant! My trick was to spell or read all the words and phrases written in the back of public toilets and then ask my mum to explain what they meant. She said you could hear the other ladies in the queue wetting themselves with laughter!

    1. Ah ha ha ha – that’s awesome!

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