While I spent the majority of yesterday taking Howloween as literally as I could by being the living Exorcist, the world apparently carried on outside.

At one point I woke up and stumbled out to the kitchen because I heard a loud crack. It seems the puppies had helped themselves to one of Bubba’s sticks {the largest in her collection – they’re not silly!} which they had somehow managed it break in two … and we’re chewing on.

Inside the house.

image  image  image image image

There were tiny shards of timber everywhere – but they looked like they were enjoying themselves. I love the looks on their faces. No need for words, I know exactly what they’re saying: but you were sleeping on the bathroom floor, and Bella/Beary was doing it too. what do you mean we can’t eat sticks inside?

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  1. theloverlist says:

    I hope you’re feeling better today hun. Did the looks on their faces make you smile?
    One of my pups had hidden a bone in our lounge room last week. I’m confident I know who the culprit was too xx

  2. Love Bug was contagious! Yikes! Poor you. Poor BOTH of you. Sometimes us pups have to take matters into our own paws to find some fun. Hope you’re on the road to recovery.

    Love and licks,

  3. Dalton says:

    Wow your the coolest mum, I’m not allowed to bring my sticks into the house they get left in the yard!

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