Did you hear?

In the past eight and a half years, I haven’t really needed a dishwasher with a pre-wash function. You see, I have my own.

Bella likes nothing more than to sneak in a quick pre-wash while I’m stacking the dishwasher. If I had a dollar for every time in those years I’ve said to her you don’t need to do the dishwasher’s job for it Bella I’d be a rich woman!

Last night I was stacking it after dinner and Bella and I were having our usual interaction. Me saying no Bella, you don’t need to do that and she looking up at me with pleading eyes as if to let me know it may be the last chance to ever eat a morsel of food again. After I’d said it a couple of times, my other trusty helper appeared behind me.

Love Bug crouched down in front of Bella, and held her face gently in her hands.

Did you hear mumma said Bella? You don’t need to do the dishes. 

I thought I might have missed that photo op until she stopped Bella a second time.

did you hear Way to reinforce the message Bubba!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maybe Bella understands LoveBugTalk better than MummaTalk.

  2. Sage says:

    That was so sweet. But I bet Bella has her own thoughts about it! 🙂

    1. The same thoughts she’s had for 8.5 years probably!!

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