Now that I have your attention …

In preparation for our move to a grassed backyard, I need all the tips you can throw at me for encouraging my fuzzy loves to attend to their calls of nature without {a} burning the grass; or {b} feeling the need to poo on every blade of grass!

I’m sure there must be tips to encourage them to use the same part of the garden, and something natural I can do to neutralise the acid in their pee.

Ah, parenthood – it’s SO glamorous some days!


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  1. No tips, but I’m excited about the big move! Yay!

  2. Solo Mum says:

    How exciting! For pee, just spray the patch of grass with water immediately. Poops? It’s probably best to train them to use a particular spot – give them a treat each time they go there and they should get the hang of it pretty soon.

    Good luck!

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