Frangipani tree, gardenia flowers and a cubby house

We got it!

The house we applied for last weekend. The dog friendly house {the owners are even leaving the dog house behind} with my two favourite flowers in bloom {frangipani and gardenia} and a cute cubby house in the back garden.

Yes: garden! Complete with grass, cubby house, storage shed, clothes line that works and a herb garden. Oh yeah!

Although the thought of packing, physically moving and unpacking the four of us at the other end fills me with a big dose of dread, the thought of being in our new home {just} in time for Christmas is a happy one.

The owners are also happy for me to paint, because one of the bedrooms is {in Love Bug’s words} boy blue. Thank heavens for Pinspiration although I’m going to have to spend less time in the Pinterest black hole and more time packing or the next four weeks will fly by.

pantry pinspiration
pantry pinspiration

Did I mention it has a little walk in pantry?

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  1. Margaret Beirne says:

    I’m so happy for you! The house and all its pluses sound just perfect for the four of you!

    I’m probably not much help with packing, but I’m happy to help transport stuff back and forth if it would assist. My students will be finishing up this week and, though I’ll still be at work, they don’t mind a bit if I take some time out. Let me know if and when you could use my help.

    Lots of love

    Aunty Marg.xxxx

    1. Thank you … we won’t move until the week before Christmas but all help greatly appreciated! xox

  2. That’s pawsome news! Congratulations and this house is sounds so perfect – it really does sound like the universe has delivered you exactly what you need.

  3. TheLoverList says:

    Wishes really do come true. I’m so happy you got it. Ask the universe, and the universe will deliver. I hope the new home brings plenty of laughter and happy memories for all xx

  4. It sounds just beautiful – especially the with your favourite flowering trees thrown in. Congratulations! That picture is certainly “Pantry Pinsperation”!

  5. Dalton says:

    I am so pleased for you!!

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