Where is the romance?

Conversations with friends. Twitter feeds. Instagram feeds. Facebook feeds.

So many people I know are trying to have bubbas. We spend a decade {sometimes two} of our adult life trying not to fall pregnant, and then when we’re finally ready it seems so elusive.

Other things happen. There are problems we didn’t know about. Things that need fixing. Things that can’t be fixed overnight. Hurdles. Bumps in the road. Catch ups cut short because it’s that time and you know how small the window is, begging the question: where is the romance?

where is the romance

For those friends, and those of you out there who are travelling on similar paths, here are some of my earlier ruminations as I travelled that bumpy road.

Could I imagine my life without a child in it? Once I had the answer to that question ‘I think sperminate has more oomph to it’. Then after the roller coaster of emotions after it didn’t work the first time … I’m going to do that again, I’m not convinced that is your cervix.

You all know the gorgeous end of that part of my story, but it wasn’t always happiness along the road.

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  1. TheLoverList says:

    The stork lost my address. Maybe I should stop moving house?

    1. I hope she finds you next year! xx

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