Back to where it all began

I’m having technical issues this morning so Tasty Tuesday will be back next week. For those of you new to our blog I thought I’d share the about me page. Back to regular programming tomorrow!

Mumma to Poppy Grace born January 2011 {aka Bubba, Love Bug or Princess P}; forever friend to my furry rescue loves Bella and Beary; enjoy spending time with family and friends, find cooking therapeutic, think reading a real book with pages is the ultimate in relaxation; and in my down time {ha ha} when my brain is too tired from all of the above, I admit to watching a little bad television.

I try to perform one random act of kindness each day and wish more people would learn a lesson in unconditional love and acceptance from our 4-legged furry friends; I am an advocate for the voiceless so I’ll share my thoughts about animal related issues from time to time. Don’t shop for pets, adopt them! If you’re considering a furry family member please rescue one! If I’m really busy, Bella or Beary may write a guest post.

If you’re new to our blog, this is where you should start – at the very beginning.

bumpyroadtobubba is my journey to and experience of motherhood: single by chance, mumma by choice.

I’ll share the realities of being a single mumma who works full-time, while trying to spend as much time with my three gorgeous kids as possible. I’ll share recipes occasionally. We are vegetarian and as much as possible I try to have organic fresh produce in our diet. Having said that, I am a mumma who loves her chocolate and a large glass of Pinot. Or two.

Mostly, I’ll share me. Sometimes I’m really funny {at least my sister thinks so!} and sometimes on the bumpy days I’m a little sad. Almost all of the time I could do with a week on a beach catching up on sleep under the shade of a palm tree – with the occasional wake up for a tasty cocktail or dip in the ocean. 

I’m hoping my Prince Charming gets his GPS fixed and finds me soon. Aside from all the obvious reasons, I’m kind of sick of taking out the trash and changing light bulbs. Oh, and getting rid of spiders. *shudders*

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  1. I just wanted to let you know you are such an inspiration to me! And in a none weird stalker way I am recently telling my friends about you – sorry that does just sound stalkerish! but I mean how brave you are doing mother hood alone, makes me think that I could do it!

    1. Thank you so much … it’s so lovely to read that I’m inspiring to anyone. Most days I feel like I’m just getting by – but it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. And it gets better every day!

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