Happy Bearthday

An ode to my favourite boy.

not sure about blowing out the candle

Happy birthday Beary
I can’t believe you’re five
The day you came to live with us
We knew we were alive

You’re a big goofy marshmallow
From nose to tail tip
Our bouncy, happy fuzzy love
You make us want to skip

The tilt of your head
The flop of your ears
You’re so happy-go-lucky
There could never be tears

You welcome us home with
lots of stories you’re telling
{Although sometimes the neighbours
confuse this with yelling!}

I’m glad I’m a failure
Of a foster mum
I can’t imagine life without you
my lap dog fluff bum!

singing happy birthdayClick on the photo to hear her singing happy birthday!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow when we’ll share the recipe for these awesome cakes which taste like Christmas and are perfect for the whole family {including puppies} to share.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. The cakes look awesome and the song had all the important stuff. Sweet. Happy Birthday, Beary! xoxo

  2. TheLoverList says:

    A very happy birthday to your Beary. I hope he had a pawesome day.

  3. Happy birthday to your big beautiful Beary boy!

  4. Bongo says:

    Happy Birthday Beary! It was so cool hearing Bubba sing. Almost as good as getting little girl loves.

  5. Misaki says:

    Oh Happy birthday to Beary! Have a lovely day xxx

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