Valentine’s Day seemed a good day to start blogging about the love of my life …

I always thought I knew what love was. Then, a month ago my daughter was born. Now I understand love. And I know it’s just going to grow, because it has every day so far. Wanting to be a mumma was never an option for me. I must have lined up twice when they were handing out maternal yearning. From the time I can remember I’ve wanted to be a mumma. And now I am. And it’s ah-mazing! Seriously. Best. Thing. Ever.

But the road to now was not always smooth, Prince Charming has yet to make his appearance {although there have been a few Prince Almost-Charming or Almost-Prince Charmings along the way}. In the meantime, while Prince Charming is searching for his trusty steed, fixing his GPS to get from his castle to my house – or whatever other silly reason is delaying his arrival – age and nature forced me to face the reality that if I wanted to fulfill my motherhood dream, I would need to seriously face doing it alone.

So that’s what I did.

In my upcoming blogs, I’ll share with you my journey from being single by chance to becoming a mother by choice.

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  1. Emma says:

    love it MJ and I am there to support you being a single mummy all the way…god knows I know how it feels. can’t wait to read more xxx

  2. jhwilliams70 says:

    This is brilliant and I so cannot wait to read it all! You are such a hero and beautiful with a beautiful family! Love you so much. xxx

  3. Good for you! What a gorgeous daughter you have (and a lovely blog which will store so many precious memories for her.)

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