bumpy road to bubba turns one

Today is our first birthday, so happy birthday to us!

more cake for me mumma?


Valentine’s Day – one year on. Is it really one year since I started chronicling our journey? In some ways it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be that long. In others, it feels much longer. Maybe because I’ve told the story of my journey which started long before the story of our journey.

Whatever the reason, I am so thrilled to be sharing our story of hope, love and family – along with the bumps in the road – with you all. I’ve written around 50,000 words (Bella and Beary want you to know that is not counting their guest blogs!). That’s 179 blogs. We’ve had close to 23,000 visitors from all over the world in our first year together. All beyond my wildest dreams.

This is another of those moments where I stop to say thank you.

I realise every day how incredibly lucky I am to have been given the gift of being Bubba’s mumma. And Bella and Beary’s too. So thank you to my utterly adorable little family. For your unconditional love, kindness and the thousands of times each day you make my heart beat just that little faster. You three are truly scrumptious.

Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me in this journey. My journey as a mumma and my journey as a writer. I’m learning a lot about both as I go, and hope to ultimately be spectacularly successful at both!

Thank you to my blogging friends whose lives I’ve been privileged to share over the past year. You know who you are, but later this week I’ll post about you – to share with those who don’t (but should) know you.

If you’re new to our blog, here’s a link to my first post – and the start of our journey. https://bumpyroadtobubba.com/2011/02/14/valentinesday/

Enjoy your day. Enjoy each moment. Share some love. Be gracious. And be thankful.

I know I am.

ps – I am fairly certain having a blog birthday means mumma is allowed to lift her [self-imposed] eat only lettuce this week plan, eat some cake and pop open the bubbly?!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations on one year of blogging! It definitely calls for some cake and bubbly and cake! Yay! Mom and I LOVE your story and look forward to lots more birthdays – and did I say cake?

    Love and licks and I love cake!

  2. Cake and bubbly is a MUST! Congrats on your 1st year of blogging, with many more to come. Give that sweet Poppy a kiss and a big hug to Bella and Bear!!

  3. dogdaz says:

    Absolutely calls for cake! Happy blog birthday again many more

  4. Bassas Blog says:

    Time does fly! Congratulations on your blogging birthday and a big thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. I think you are awesome!

  5. Bongo says:

    Happy Birthday to Bubba. Happy Valentine’s Day, and congratulations on your first year of blogging.

  6. Yay!
    Happy Birthday on your blog and it is a wonderful blog! Keep up the great work with it and may your next year here be a hundred times more fun with a hundred times more hits! 🙂

    God Bless You and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  7. Emma says:

    Congratulations on one year of blogging and 13 months of being a wonderful mummy!! xxxx

  8. Yay! Happy blognniversary!!!!

    I’ll have a cookie in celebration!

    (Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuum… Cookie, pweaze!
    What you mean, no more cookies today? It’s a special day…
    Well… I know I’m late… Anyway, I’ve only seen the post today… So, it’s a special day and I want that cookie!!!
    Ok. I guess a dentastix will do it… ***sigh***)

    So, I raise my dentastix to you bumpyroadtobubba! And I wish you keep us company for many years, along with your beautiful family!

    Big smoochie!


    1. Thanks for the smoochie Milka … and for sharing our blog!
      I hope we keep each other company for a long time too 🙂
      Mumma x

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