First School Camp

For those of you who have been playing along for a while {some I know have been playing along since the beginning} you’ll probably share my disbelief at how soon this happened?!

Love Bug left this morning for her first school camp. Two nights and three days away from home. For our American friends, kids in Australia don’t go to summer camp, so school camp is generally the first time they are away from home for more than one night.

I had so many emotions in the lead up to this morning. I’m so proud of the brave, adventurous, kind, funny kid she is and know she’s totally got this. But I’m also desperately wanting to know where the pause button is and how time is scooting by at such an alarming rate.

I know she will come home from these three days away changed. She’ll be more independent. She’ll have stronger faith in her own abilities. She’ll have memories and stories that will be building blocks for her forever story. Knowing that those memories and stories don’t include me though? Straight through the heart! In the best possible way. I’m super excited for her to make those memories and know how she will treasure them. That when she’s my age {in a million years} she’ll smile to herself thinking about something that happened at grade three camp.

She woke up {super early and in my bed} this morning and said Mumma, I’m excited for camp but I’m also very nervous and I’m going to miss you so much. We talked about how often when things are really exciting you also feel nervous about them. I told her that I’d miss her more and that any time she thinks about me in the next three days she should know that I’m thinking about her in that exact moment. We then talked about the rainbow that connects our hearts whether we’re in the same room or far apart.

At school the excitement kicked in. There were lots of happy photos with fellow campers, giggles, smiles and cuddles all round. As they mingled in their class groupings a few of the parents and carers started to leave. Some of the kids waved them off without hesitation, others clung to their people. After they left, some of the kids sat quietly with big fat tears streaming down their faces. Heartbreaking and so hard to not rush up and give them a cuddle – particularly a couple of Love Bug’s closest friends.

We were fine until the rest of the parents were asked to leave the hall. I held it together {only just} but Love Bug got upset. This is a regular occurrence for us – there is still at least one morning each week that she gets upset when saying goodbye, only to be fine 5 seconds after I’m gone – but today it was harder to be the strong one. I whispered in her ear that the last time I see her face today I’d really like to see a smile. She sat next to her class teacher and waved over her shoulder – brave smile on.

I made it out of the hall before my tears started. By now they’ll be arriving at the camp site, unpacking and getting ready for adventure. I can’t wait to hear all about it … in 51 hours and 14 minutes.

But who’s counting?

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  1. Becky Wells says:

    And now mine is grown and has her own 4 year old. I’m positive she was 4 yesterday. You’re a brave Mumma and she is a brave Love Bug. Too bad 51 hours and 14 minutes is so long and short. Happy heart Mumma!

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