Why is this taking so long?

I find myself wondering why packing my house is seemingly taking longer than the other 30-something times I’ve done it. You would think with all of that experience I’d have it nailed by now. Let’s see …

I’m being well supervised.

well supervised

I have help.

helpPerhaps the slow down is because of all of the side trips? Like this one to the shop? Not just an ordinary shop either, one where you’re welcomed with a hello, nice to see you, come in, then required to sit down, have a chat about what you’d like to buy and talk moneys.

at the shop

Only after such discussions are you allowed to return in the car with Bella and Beary in the back?

hold on tight

Hmmm … maybe I’m onto something?

{I love how Bella was holding onto Beary, her leg wrapped around him. I didn’t think Love Bug’s driving was that bad?!}

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  1. Playing and packing is the perfect combination. Have you really done this 30 times??? Yikes.

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