Worrying about the kids

Massive panic Slight bump this morning. The bug man came to drop around the receipt for my estate agent. It was only 7am and Bella got so excited she jumped up at the security door.

Which {apparently} is wide enough for the front half of her to leap through.

And then get stuck.

Oh yes, mumma’s awake now.

Luckily the bug man is very nice. It took us some time, during which there was discussion about calling the local emergency services crew to come and cut her out with the jaws of life. More discussion about how it was lucky our new house is probably half way between the fire house and our vet.

No-one panic {except mumma, but only on the inside}. Also flashing through my head was the fact that Love Bug was playing with my wallet yesterday and it is apparently MIA. Not so handy. Particularly given the number of boxes.

Lots of pats, encouragement, gentle manoeuvering and some time later, free dog. At which point the bug man says he’ll be back in a minute and within 5 minutes we have a make-shift barrier on the front door to discourage Bella’s inner escape artist.

That’s just one kid I hear you thinking. Why are you worrying about the kids plural?

Beary is not coping with change – despite puppy Prozac, rescue remedy, lots of love and positive encouragement and his thunder shirt. So we all took Bubba to kindy this morning.

Except she didn’t want to go to kindy. I need you mummaWill I come back to our new house?

my big marshmallow escape artist hall monitors

The poor loves. Honestly. I may be at a level beyond exhaustion, but I’m also secure in the knowledge that everything will in fact be okay, and we will all be happy and settled.

Soon. I hope.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. rumpydog says:

    All WILL be well. It really will.

  2. pensx says:

    You’ll get there possum, promise.

  3. I don’t know what a bug man is, but I like him. Hang in there. Change is tough, but good.

    1. He fumigated my old house {something you have to do if you’ve had pets} and he sprayed our new house for crawlies & spiders before we moved in. And he can add puppy rescue to his resume!

  4. Bassa's Blog says:

    😦 I hope they will all settle in soon xx

  5. Dalton says:

    It’ll take time but you will get there!

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