The holiday dilemma

I have two weeks off work {woo hoo!} and have been given the keys to a friend’s holiday house. A two-minute walk from beaches. The house and the beaches are dog friendly.

Where’s the dilemma you ask? Right here.

on my pillow

Velcro Dog, aka Beary.

It’s no secret he hasn’t coped at all with our move, despite puppy Prozac, his thunder shirt, Rescue Remedy and LOADS of extra loves. But he’s a wreck. He’s barely eaten. He doesn’t leave my side.

He howls when we leave the house.

He has slept on my bed despite the heat. He wakes me up in the night to nuzzle in closer. Or just lies on top of me. You know, just in case I dare to breathe without him.

who needs a blanket

If he could crawl under my skin I’m sure he would. To the point I’ve taken to singing I’ve got you under my skin to him.

So … do I spend my two weeks off work at home with my three kids, or do I put the three of them in the car and drive a couple of hours and hope that a few days and nights of beach air and rest will do us all the world of good?

The holiday dilemma. Any advice welcome!

Happy Christmas Eve friends.

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  1. Tough call. 2 weeks getting used to “home” might help. But getting away and coming “home” might also make it feel more like home. I’m sure you’ll make the best choice. Either way, have a merry Christmas and a happy vacation! xoxo

    1. Happy Christmas to you two as well. xxx

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