Baboon butt buzz cut

I know some people refer to it as the Cone of Shame, but we would rather Beary’s be referred to as the Cone of Fame {and those who guessed mumma calling him Cone Head were right!}.

Thank you for all of your concern. He is fine. Spent the day with our vet yesterday after a visit with the local vet while we were on holidays. Despite best efforts while we were away, all of us were bitten by the locals {christened seskitos by Love Bug}. And those seskitos can bite. My bites are still sore days later and I’ve been applying special cream.

So when a puppy gets bitten, what do they do? They lick. And lick. And lick. Then they lick some more. Thursday evening I slept {okay, so no actual sleep was had by me} spooning Beary, holding his front legs still so he couldn’t get to his bites – he had two on his undercarriage right in the hollow of the top of his back legs. By the time we got to the local vet around 11am my normally powder puff dog wasn’t smelling very nice at all. I can’t imagine how he was feeling.

They did their best to shave him and treat the area, which had now spread to a hot spot up around the back of his hind legs and his bottom as well. Ouch. His tolerance for that intrusive behaviour was fairly limited without sedation, so we did what we could to get him comfortable for the trip home. Including fitting the cone of fame.

To all of their credit, the three of them were amazingly wonderful in the 3.5 hour drive home. Beary was obviously in pain and having trouble getting comfortable being fastened in with is travel brace and having the cone on. Love Bug got a not so nice smelling butt a little uncomfortably close a couple of times and also got whacked with the cone.


Sedation Saturday followed, our own vet saying it’s the worst hot spot she’s seen in a long time and apologising for his baboon butt buzz cut {I’ll spare you that photo}. He seems a little better today although is still utterly opposed to me applying the cortisone cream. His appetite returned to polish off half a pack of treats, but he’s not interested in anything else.

slow sunday

The best part of today {not}? Realising Bella was hiding in the back garden licking like crazy – she also has a hot spot. 

I wonder if we can get a two for one deal on cones?

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  1. fredrieka says:

    Poor baby. I use a paste of baby oatmeal on a hot spot it seams to work. If you are interested in some natural salves let me know I will look up the link

    1. Anything that doesn’t have him yelping in pain 😦

      1. fredrieka says:

        I will post something . I am on my tablet I will go to my laptop it will be a couple of minutes.

    2. Thanks so much – I’m going to bookmark that one and off to make some chamomile spray too!

  2. OMGoodness! Poor babies! I hope the shaving and medicine and two-for-one cone sale help. Is there medicine they can take by mouth? Benedryl? It made Cupcake sleepy, but helped her not to itch her first summer here.

    1. Sleepy would be good! This mumma is very tired and back to work tomorrow.

  3. Oh my… hope they are both doing better soon. Hot spots can be no fun as you know…. and as we know with collies. Praying for you.

  4. Dalton says:

    Hope you are all less itchy soon!

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