Flashback Friday


Who is that little bubba? Please keep us in your thoughts today.

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  1. TheLoverList says:

    Dear Universe,
    Please take away all the worries my friend MJ is facing today. Please channel positive energy her way and offer her guidance and support. Leave her with strength, a gentle hug and a heart full of love, happiness and gratitude.
    B xx

  2. Nikki says:

    So beautifully said B, we all send you love MJ, bubba & fuzzy loves – praying everything is going to be okay & as someone who has grown to love your sweet little family so much i’m more than a little worried, sending all the love & best wishes i can – Nikki

  3. …Thoughts and prayers… xo

  4. Sanchia Klaassen says:

    Always xx


    Sent on the run from my iPhone


  5. Thinking of you all. Hope everything is alright, although I sense from your tone things aren’t great!!

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