Diggers and wings

Diggers and wings … and a digger who is getting her wings.

I’ll start with the digger. If you’ve been sharing our story for a while, you may remember the great birthday cake of 2013. If not, you can see it here. Who has the best Aunty in the world?

My animal loving tutu wearing Princess loves herself a digger. If we ever pass a construction site where there are diggers, I am requested from the back seat via a high-pitched, over-excited Love Bug Mumma, look, a DIGGER! Can we stop and see? Given this level of excitement, you can only imagine how she felt when this year’s birthday cake was unveiled. Best Aunty in the world strikes again!


Now for the wings. This is the sad part of today’s post, so if you’re feeling fragile you might want to grab a tissue. Or hug your dog. Or both.

Today we wanted to say a special goodbye to one of our favourite blog friends DeDe. The RumpyDog family are giving their precious DeDe her wings. Our heart breaks for them at this tough time. Jen adores her anipals and I know she’s taking this particularly hard. If only we could keep them beside us forever. We met this crew very early in our blogging journey and DeDe has always been such a beautiful, smiling, happy companion – with lots of wonderful positive advice for the world.



Thanks for being our friend DeDe. For a dog whose snout I’ve never kissed, ears I’ve never rubbed and paws I’ve never breathed in, you sure have left an impression on this mumma thousands of miles away. This is Love Bug and my current favourite song. We’re sharing it with you guys and sending you lots of love and cuddles.

DeDe will make the perfect angel.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. rumpydog says:

    Thank you. I miss her already.

  2. DeDe. We love her and her beauty advice so much. So sad. 😦 She will be sorely missed.

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