Childhood friendships

Love Bug has a friend who she was in day care with and also attends the same kindy. She adores him. She talks about him all the time, has a special nickname for him and tells me that he’s her friend and she loves him.

It’s super sweet, and seemingly entirely mutual.

We were at his birthday celebration yesterday and at one point he was riding a tricycle. Love Bug insisted she wanted to have a turn. As I was explaining that she would have to wait her turn for him to finish, she cut me off, mildly exasperated that I obviously wasn’t hearing what she was saying: we get on together. And so they did.



They even have a special little game they play when they’re giving each other kisses and cuddles goodbye … they try to pull each other over. 

First childhood friendships. So fun, and super cute.

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  1. They are clearly getting on together! In every sense of the word….

  2. Nikki says:

    That is so incredibly adorable, i hope they can remain life long friends.. so sweet together!

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