G is for … grumpy

Well, that was an interesting weekend in our house.

H is for … happy. G is for … grumpy. The switch from one to the other was invisible and undetectable. Sounds like F is for fun, right? Or not.

I will put my hand up to take ownership of my own grumpiness. There are reasons, but no excuses. Last night when I finally fell into bed I started reading about people who have experienced some sort of trauma. I had figured there must be a series of phases you go through as with loss and grief – and I was right. Again, no excuse, but good to know I haven’t just finally lost it entirely. A gentle reminder too that I am not Super Woman, that I need time and to be patient and kind to myself.

g is for ... grumpy

Anyone who is a Facebook friend will already know that Bubba was a little tricky this weekend too. She’s just gone into the big kids room at kindy where they sleep less, there are lots of new kids and older kids with more grown up personalities and new educators. That’s a lot of new stuff for a shy Love Bug to deal with.

A tired and grumpy Love Bug plus a tired and grumpy Mumma makes for not a lot of fun. Well, that’s not actually true. We did have a lot of fun. We just had more than our usual share of no fun too.

Paws crossed this phase passes kikly as Love Bug would say.

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  1. Cheerful wouldn’t feel so cheerful without a little grumpy. 🙂

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