How many times each day?

I was having a conversation with my Little Sister yesterday about talking to our dogs. Not just regular conversations or talking when they happen to be in the room, but talking to them about them and about the amazing impact they have on our lives.

After we had that chat {in case any of you were wondering, quite a normal chat for the two of us} I got to wondering if other people have those kinds of conversations.

I also wondered how many times each day people tell their pets that they love them, or how much they love them? How many kisses and cuddles do people give their pets? Aside from pats, tummy rubs and brushes that is. Real kisses and cuddles.

How often do people say to their pets you are so incredibly special and I am the luckiest person on earth that you chose me?

how many times each day

Maybe they say it a lot. Or maybe they don’t. I talk to Bella and Beary all the time and I can tell you they are in no doubt as to how loved they are and how lucky I think I am. Love Bug is in on it too. My sister is the same with Barker.

Maybe that makes us Crazy Dog Ladies? If it does, that’s a title we’ll wear proudly.

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  1. Ha! I’m proudly wearing it, too. And don’t forget the critical question, “WHY are you so pretty?”

    1. And ‘it’s not fair to the other dogs that you’re so gorgeous!’ xx

  2. Solo Mum says:

    I’m a crazy dog lady and proud! I talk to Harvey, my dog, all the time. He must get hundreds of kisses a day and every night when he’s curled up next to me in bed (as he is now!) I tell him how lucky I am to have him.

    Sometimes I catch myself talking to him in public and I’m sure people think I’m crazy haha

  3. TheLoverList says:

    Crazy Dog Lady right here. I talk to my dogs about 1000 times a day. Real kisses and real cuddles and real tummy rubs and real belly tickles are endless in my household. Love them to bits. Great post MJ xx

  4. Sharon says:

    I was showing my work colleagues photos on my mobile of my beautiful boys, Charlie and Calvin
    (Pugs) when my colleague said “do you have any pictures of your 3 children on your mobile” ?
    Yes I kiss and cuddle my boys every day and love them heaps.

  5. Misaki says:

    Can’t get enough kisses and cuddles in our house 🙂

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