Monday mischief {typo}

Thank you to the many of you who pointed out my typo in yesterday’s blog. Bubba was, in fact, feeding Bella and Beary nut paste. Not but paste.

{Insert much giggling and general silliness in response to my apparently amusing typo.}


Maybe I should have saved Sunday’s blog for today? The only mischief we’ve been up to in the past 24 hours is … well lots actually. Not long after I took this photo of Love Bug at brunch, she and I both walked around the supermarket like crabs.

You know, sideways. A mumma crab and a bubba crab.

Much to the amusement of all of the other shoppers.

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  1. Bongo says:

    I wish I could give Love Bug lots of slobbery kisses right now. She looks like she tastes really good.

    1. You would LOVE her latest cute thing then. She asks ‘mumma, do you want a tasty kiss’ when she has food on her face. She’s the best!!

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