When I’m not naughty and you’re not grumpy

When I’m not naughty and you’re not grumpy.

Exactly what you want your three year old to say to you when you ask if she wants to do something fun.

Or not.

It pretty much sums things up at the moment though. And it’s tough.

Daylight savings is really messing with Love Bug’s sleep and she’s up at 5am. Coupled with our nightmares it’s making mumma grumpy and Love Bug naughty.


I think the terrible twos have come to stay – a year late and a year the worse for wear.

While the fairies clean my house, sort out my garden, paint my room and groom Bella and Beary, I need a weekend in a 5 star hotel. With room service, a massage, a mani pedi, movies, room service and sleep in a king size bed with lots of room for me.


And more sleep.

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  1. Naughty and grumpy. The perfect combination. Ugh. It’s definitely time for some fun.

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