Tasty Tuesday {comfort food}

This past weekend was that weekend. You know the one where the season actually changes? I noticed myself reaching for a sweater earlier in the day, reaching for our warm blankets when Love Bug and I were on the couch reading stories, closing the windows and doors earlier. Drinking more cups of tea. Wondering where all of my socks were hiding?!

Of course, when I decide to make something comforting, the things I most desire are loaded with carbs and cheese {no problem there, right?!} but in an attempt to be a little less reliant on those items for my comfort food fix, I whipped up what started out to be a soup, but ended up being a lot thicker. I could have thinned it out with a little more stock/water and might do so next time around, but the thickness gave it more of a comfort feel and taste. For way less calories than a big bowl of hot chips with aioli would have!

What do you need?
1 large head of cauliflower
¼ leek, washed and finely sliced
1 cup stock {I use Massell chicken stock, which is vegetarian}
¼ cup pistachio kernels, smashed in mortar and pestle {if you don’t have one you can achieve the same effect by popping them in a zip lock bag with a small part of the zip unlocked and hitting them with a rolling pin}, and a couple of extras for garnish
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 heaped teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup peas, steamed then set aside
2 tablespoons natural/Greek yoghurt {or light cream cheese}
*replace this with coconut cream if opting for dairy free*
Salt and pepper to taste


Okay, now what do you do with it?
Warm oil then cook leek until tender; add cauliflower, stock and nutmeg and cook until cauliflower is tender. Transfer to food processor/blender, add smashed pistachios and blitz until thick {I left mine a little chunky}. Stir through peas and yoghurt {cheese/coconut cream}, and serve with a few pistachio kernels, a sprinkle of nutmeg. I added a good twist of cracked pepper to mine, but no salt. Obviously this last step depends on your personal preference!

Who knew comfort could taste so good?



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  1. Yum. On one of Mom’s favorite cooking shows, they call thick soup like this “stoup.” It’s a combination of stew and soup. I love to chew peas and spit them out.

    Love and licks,

  2. Lisa says:

    Couldn’t resist making this yesterday – yum!! I substituted pine nuts for pistachios, sesame oil for coconut oil and cottage cheese for yoghurt because that’s all I had in the cupboard, and it was AMAZING. I’m eating it again for lunch today!

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