Bona fide soccer mom

Love Bug started soccer with a group of her kindy friends over the weekend.

Sunday morning. 08:30 to be precise. {I feel like I should write it like that because being up and at ’em on the weekend at that time, running around a park without any coffee in my person feels like it really was boot camp!}

We ran to warm up. Yes, I did say we because, well, Little Miss Shy wanted me to join in the fun. We practised calling our team mates names then throwing and catching the ball. Then we did a drill where we jumped over a metal thing {very technical term for it, don’t you think?}, ran along a rope ladder laying on the grass, then kicked the ball into goal nets. It was fun.

The kids then split into 4 teams {bibs v non bibs} to play a game. Of course this was more a ‘choose your own team and kick whatever ball you’re nearest into whichever net you have your sights set on’ but it was fun to watch them all running around in the rain giggling.

Oh yeah, the rain. It started as a light mist and ended up torrential. So we were rained out.








I am now a bona fide soccer mom. And an oh so proud one at that. My girl can kick!

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  1. Yay! Footy! She has the right color on too.. RED!!! *grin*

  2. Cutest little athlete ever!

  3. CUTE! She looks so sporty and grown up!

  4. Bassa's Blog says:

    Bubba is a natural! 🙂

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