Tasty Tuesday {what have I made so far this week?}

Okay, so I know it’s only Tuesday. But I’m unemployed. And just a little stressed. This equals more time in the kitchen. With my sous chef, music and dancing {and sometimes a little wine too}.

A trip to the farmers’ market saw us arrive home with an abundance of fruit, so plums, apples and pears were chopped, dates were diced and all thrown in a big heavy saucepan with the juice of one lemon, a cup or two of filtered water and a good lug of nutmeg and left to simmer for a couple of hours. Draining some of the liquid, I then put the fruits into a pie dish and topped with a crumble {chia seeds, toasted coconut and spelt puffs all whizzed together, a little maple syrup and some of the syrup from the fruit}, popped it in the oven to crisp off the crumble. Oh so good on its own, with vanilla yoghurt, coconut cream or vanilla bean ice cream – depending on your diary preference.


Again, with our farmers’ market stash and some lentils and cannellini beans, we made a pie a lot like this one. Using store bought gluten free pastry. There was a lot of filling left over this time so we also made some small pies to put in the freezer. Hello cold weather friends!

Nut balls
Yes, those old chestnuts. Or rather cashew, pistachio, macadamia and hazelnuts. This time I dipped some of them in some melted organic dark chocolate that had a couple of drops of orange essence.

There have been more kitchen adventures, but that will probably do for today!!



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  1. That’s a lot of yummy goodness for one day!

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