The weight of love

A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying an all too rare couple of hours wandering around with my sister. Just the two of us.

At one point we were in a shop, chatting to the shop assistant about dogs {no real surprise there!} and he was telling us that he had moved across the country and his dog was at home; that he loved when people bought their dogs to the store and just wanted to pat each one. Another of the shop’s assistants suggested he might like to calm down on the dog talk, but we assured them both he was speaking our language.

He said that he loves to feel the weight of a dog at the other end of a lead. Which got me to thinking about the weight of love.



One morning this weekend Bella had jumped up onto the bed and flopped onto my chest for a cuddle. Love Bug then lay her head on top of Bella. Never one to miss out on some loves, Beary flopped down on my legs.

I had the full weight of my loves bearing down on me. It was perfection.

Whether it’s a hand on your arm, the pull of a dog at the end of the lead, or a stacks on cuddle, next time you feel the weight of love make sure you take a minute to breathe it in and enjoy every second of it.


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  1. Yes! Every single second!

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