Living simply

Living simply.

I think this each time I pack my house to move. Which is more often than anyone really ought to!

I also think this in times of intense stress. Like there’s so much going on that it’s almost too much and I need to clear some of it. Clearing the physical is always easier than clearing the mental. At least it is for me.

Today we’re starting with Love Bug’s room. It’s a bleak rainy day outside and we need some quality time together. We’ll pop out for a coffee then come back and settle in to do some sorting out. She’s excited to do packing for the kids who don’t have some things and then asked if we might find some toys that she hasn’t grown out of yet.

I’d said that we could give the toys she’d grown out of to the kids who don’t have toys. I know there are a few things in her cupboard which she hasn’t seen yet – gifts that I saved for later, for times she was ready for them.

We will no doubt have to play every game as we go. Try clothes on. Have a tea party. Live simply on our way to living more simply.

live simply

I seem to have forgotten the last one of late.


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  1. Even if you don’t laugh lots, I bet you laughed some today. Gotta start somewhere.

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