That is really naughty mumma

Despite the cold winter wind in Sydney, Love Bug and I took to the water’s edge over the weekend to test out her new helmet and practice her scooter skills.

scooting in the winter sunshine

When tired legs set in, Love Bug requested that we sit by the water to look for ducks. I thought the ducks may have been sensible and hidden themselves from the biting wind, but how can a mumma deny the request to wait for ducks?that is really naughty mumma

While waiting for ducks, she spotted a plastic bottle floating in the water, soon followed by a plastic bag. Then another. Then some more rubbish. She pointed at piece after piece, shaking her head.

Why is there rubbish in the water mumma? Because sometimes people put their rubbish in the water, like they sometimes drop rubbish on the ground.

That is really naughty mumma, isn’t it?

It’s not very kind for the ducks and the fishies.

Out of the mouths of babes.

{Another very, very proud mumma moment.}

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  1. Bongo says:

    I wish I could go on litter patrol because I could swim as long as I wanted and fetch all the trash from the water. Woo woo!

    1. Our puppies aren’t very good at fetch. Bella fetches but keeps it. Beary fetches if he feels like it! 🙂

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