Growing body parts

This may not look like much to you.

But to me it is a HUGE step. Love Bug’s drawing has evolved. This weekend circles and lines joined forces to become bodies, hair, arms, legs and tails {naturally}.

Her drawings are growing body parts.

growing body parts

And in this case, fins. Yep, this is a fish mumma.


The look on her face is priceless as she hands over piece after piece of her gorgeous new art. Then another piece. And then a couple more, her confidence growing with each one.

The tears started when she handed me a piece and said There’s writing on this one mumma and it says we are in America and I really love my mumma. Do you like it my mumma?

Then she started naming the pieces: this one is called …


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  1. The trip to America! Yay! Countdown starts now!

    1. We’re going to call it the Disneyland and blog hop trip … 18 months & counting! X

  2. rosslongdon says:

    It is so exciting as kids begin to express themselves artistically. Her pictures will get more and more lifelike, but these early pictures are so precious! Loving the blog, keep up the good work.

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