The art of being silly

Silliness seems to run in our family. I handed it down to my sister {who is no doubt reading this and thinking hang on a minute there Big Sister!}, and Love Bug seems to have caught it too.

As I exchanged texts with my cousin {who is also very funny, naturally} and my sister yesterday – the content of which I’ll spare you the hilarity of, if only to protect the innocent – I wondered if things were ever going to change.

Will we ever stop being silly?
Will we ever grow up?
Or is this what being a grown up is?

the art of silliness

I settled on the last one. For us, this is being grown ups. Sending each other silly messages and engaging in lots of giggling and guffawing. Which suits me just fine.

I hope we’re engaging in all manner of silliness until we old and grey. We’ll probably have lost our marbles by then so everything will seem funny all over again.

Thank you to both of you for yesterday’s giggles. And for all of our giggles. I’m very lucky to have you both to keep me laughing!

{BREAKING – message just in from my Little Sister: you may have passed down the silly, but I am the funniest. I’m probably the funniest person anywhere. Ok. Good talk.}

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  1. rosslongdon says:

    I am also pretty silly, but don’t you find it exhausting? Do you also notice how if you aren’t having an especially good day people immediately notice. It’s almost as though you aren’t allowed a day off.
    I wrote in my blog about it if you are interested.

    1. Love it! I think the silly & fun parents become the ones all the kids will want to talk to as they get older though & I want to be that parent – no matter how exhausting 🙂

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