Phone voice

Most people have a phone voice. You know, the voice you put on at work. Or when you’re expecting an important phone call.

Yesterday I heard the best phone voice ever. I spoke to Love Bug for the first time ever on the phone. I know, I’m not quite sure what took so long either?!

I almost passed out from the cuteness of her voice. It sounded different than it does when we chat at home. Maybe that’s because at home I’m usually looking at her gorgeous face, but over the phone I just had her voice to focus on.

Some of her words are so clipped and properly pronounced. Some have such a little Australian accent.

phone voice

And all have that little Disney character ring to them. Another reminder that I need to record her voice more!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha! That’s a good plan. More voice recordings. So precious.

  2. Bongo says:

    I like little girl loves and phone calls. I’ll woof back at her.

    1. She would love that – happy Mutt day xx

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