If you had to name them over again

This morning I woke up {after 7am … thank you grandma for having Love Bug for a sleep over!} to the swish swoosh swish, thump thump thump sounds of my two favourite tails.

are you awake yet mumma?

I thought then, for about the 100th time, what would I call them if I had to name them over again? Obviously I wouldn’t change a thing. Bella’s name was Destiny when I fell for her online. She has such a beautiful little face that Bella Destiny she was always meant to be.


Beary’s full name is Edward Bear. The only person who calls him his full name is our Vet Nurse – without fail she brings him a treat and asks how her Teddy Bear is, and he of course laps it up. His name is perfect: he really is just a big teddy bear. Despite his size and appearance.


As I listen to the music their tails make as they patiently wait for me to be fully awake, I can’t help but wonder if Thumper and Swisher might be good options.


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  1. Ha! Thumper and Swisher. So funny. I do love tail sounds, though. They’re the best – next to little girl giggles. If I had to name Cupcake again, I’d have to go with Sugar or Twinkie or Cookie or something else that’s sweet. Because she’s so….. SWEET! Gah!

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