The lies mummas tell

I was reading this week that children between the ages of three and four learn how to lie. I’ve noticed it in Love Bug. Nothing major of course, just the realisation she’s coming to that if I’m not in the room with her I can’t magically know what she’s doing {damn, that was SUCH a good mumma superpower to have!}.

What are you doing Bubba?

Nothing she says, looking at me bewildered when I arrive wherever she is – seemingly floored that I really don’t know what she was doing.

that look
what are you doing love bug? nothing. what’s in your hand? nothing. {other than the treasures just taken out of the pot plant and put in her pocket!}

I don’t like it. I understand that it’s a natural stage in her development for them to learn and that she’s learning about boundaries, and trying to push mine! This post is not about her though … it’s about me, and other mummas – and the lies we tell.

Interesting that I should read about Love Bug lying this week, because this afternoon I become involved in a very funny confession session on a Facebook mumma group about lying to your kids when you’re eating lollies/chocolate/cake. And you don’t want to share. Lying about what you’re not eating.

Telling fibs about what’s in it {oh those have wine in them, they’re only for grown ups – that was/is me: guilty, but oh so effective}. And not sharing.

In other words: living by example. Not. Ba ha ha ha. For any parents out there looking for some excuses, you could try some of these {I’ll hold back on the names to protect the innocent guilty}!

It started innocently enough with a mumma sharing her example of telling her child they couldn’t eat cake because it’s not an everyday food and it doesn’t help us grow as she was heading into the kitchen to enjoy a piece of cake. This opened the floodgates.

What are you doing in the pantry mumma? Nothing.

I sneak around the kitchen like a drug smuggler.

Mum, why does your breath smell like chocolate? Ummm. Adult vitamins.

Many I time I have eaten chocolate with my head in a cupboard pretending to be looking for something.

I always have a coughing attack every time we leave the service station and I am opening the chocolate bar I smuggled back into the car … works every time but you need to get the bar out of the wrapper in one go …lol

Girls, you’d be amazed how many lollies and chocolates have wine in them. Most of the ones we see do. {ahem}

I drink hot chocolate and say to my 2 year old dd that it’s “mummy medicine”. She loses interest immediately bwa ha haaa

I hide everytime I eat ice cream !!


Shhhhh … don’t tell on us.

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  1. At the weekend I told my friends kids that they wouldn’t want to put sugar on their cereal as it makes it taste horrid! I don’t think they bought it!!!

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