Brr! It’s cold in here.

Maybe that’s because Frozen is on repeat. Except that we don’t own it. I haven’t bought it and I haven’t downloaded it. Mean mumma that I am. I have taken Love Bug to the video store {old school!} and we have rented Frozen twice. It’s a 3 day rental. 6 days of Frozen is probably enough for any mumma.

Even when there is a limit to viewing hours over those 3 days and unless you beat mumma out of bed by a significant amount of time {before 6am on a weekend!}, it is highly unlikely you will view more than twice during those days. Unless you give your mumma that look of course.

Considering all of this, it utterly amazes me how under Love Bug’s skin it is. And it’s not even that she sings Let it Go because it’s a catchy Disney tune and all the kids {and mummas} are singing it. It’s that she is singing another of the songs, pointing out to me when I may have sung the wrong word. I don’t have the heart to let her know that it’s not mumma singing the rogue version!

Brr! It's cold in here.

I’m okay with it though. I’ve been known to listen to a song 84 thousand times in a row when I like it. Sometimes even show tunes. Perhaps another tune Idina Menzel was singing.

Maybe we’re related, My Princess Elsa and I?

{Extra love those of you who get the reference in the name of this post!}

{Happy Gotcha Day to my precious Bella – thank you for choosing me 9 years ago. I love you more than all the furs on your body!}

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day, B. You landed in a house full of love! Well done.

    Love and licks,

    1. Thanks Cupcake, I was the first bundle of love – I taught mumma everything she knows! Bxx

  2. Suzanne says:

    Imagine your pain in three fold…… if it’s not one, it’s all of them singing…. and I often can’t help but join in! Then, imagine Frozen interspersed with Everything is Awesome (the Lego Movie theme tune) which is still stuck in Billy’s head…. Don’t worry, get yourself a copy of Pitch Perfect… you’ll have this to look forward to in a few + years…. I actually love the movie and often listen to the soundtrack on Google Play…. now that’s bad I know…. just can’t help it!!! I’ve got to….. Let it go… let it gooo……

  3. Bongo says:

    Happy Gotcha Day Bella. I bet you want to watch Frozen to celebrate your Gotcha Day, don’t you?

  4. I love Frozen, granted I have only seen it once so perhaps I won’t love it after various other viewings but with everything that is going on with me, an ending that was pure girl power won me over! Plus when I’m feeling a little low there is nothing like singing ‘let it go’ at the top of my voice! Well that’s a slight lie as I only know the one line in ‘let it go’ so I kinda sing ‘let it go, da da da, let it go, da, da, da then I kinda add my own words mainly ‘men are arses so let it go’.

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