Not-Wordless Wednesday {because we have no voice}

The great news for Benson is that he got a rescue save last night.

happy benson

Some of his shelter pals aren’t so lucky – they have no options and will be killed at 3pm today. You can read their full stories here.

Benson’s pals are six dogs on death row in one shelter. This story is repeated thousands of times around the world today. Thousands of times. Today.

These dogs are all at Renbury Farm Animal Shelter. But don’t wait until later. Do it now. Call now +612 9606 6118 or +612 9606 6655.

I’ve had people ask me why I look? Why I upset myself by continually sharing these precious creatures. I’ll tell you why: because apathy is not an option for me. Just because these gorgeous creatures have no voice, does not mean no-one should speak for them.

Please please share this far and wide. You just never know who you know who might know someone.

You know?


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  1. I am so so pleased. I used to look but I think it was starting to get to me and at the time I didn’t need any more sad in my life. However I am determined to find a way to help.

  2. All of them got a stay of execution until next week {phew!} but the shelter took in another 5 or 6 dogs today 😦

    1. It’s the same story, as one goes another one takes their place – it makes me so mad. How as a society can we be so cruel, heartless and generally just grrrr! It also makes me feel so helpless!

  3. Reblogged this on 25castleson25clouds and commented:
    ” Just because these gorgeous creatures have no voice, does not mean no-one should speak for them.”

    That one sentence sums up so many feelings! Please care!!

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