What you don’t know they know

Given how little she is {and how cute and well in tact her tiny teeth are} I was quite amazed when this conversation, or rather soliloquy, happened tonight. Love Bug was being silly chomping on her spoon and I said she should be careful or her teeth might fall out.

Mumma when my teeth do come out … will it hurt? … I will leave it under my pillow and the fairy will come. The tooth fairy. And while I’m asleep she will take my tooth and she will leave me some new moneys. When I wake up I will say ‘mumma come, mumma – wow look what happened’ and you will say ‘wow bubba, you have moneys from the tooth fairy’.

What you don't know they know
Yes, that is a miner’s light on her head. A Love Bug one naturally.

What the what? Who told her about the Tooth Fairy? Not me that’s for sure. And none of her little friends have lost their teeth. So where?

Charlie’s little sister. I am wracking my brain: who on earth is Charlie? You know mumma, CHARLIE. Well, his little sister.

The penny dropped: Charlie and Lola. Do you mean Lola Bubba?

Yes mumma, Lola. She told her daddy ‘look daddy the tooth fairy left me moneys’.

Did she tell her mumma too?

Lola and Charlie don’t have a mumma, they just have a daddy. Like I just have you. I love you so much.

{At this point I’m not sure of the make up of Charlie and Lola’s family, but I love how matter of fact she is that families come in all shapes and sizes.}

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  1. Rachel Beckett says:

    I love this! So adorable!

  2. Bless her! So are you going to remember the lines when the time comes? No pressure or anything ;0)

  3. Nothing like new moneys from the tooth fairy. Yay! That’ll be fun!

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