Grandpa has dinosaurs in heaven

Of all the precious comments that come from the back seat of the car, I think this is my favourite.

Love Bug and I were talking about dinosaurs. She was being a friendly girl dinosaur, roaring and saying she would like to be pink {no surprises there really!} but she hasn’t seen any pink dinosaurs.

Have you seen any dinosaurs mumma? {Side note: better amp up the application of anti-aging creams!}

No Bubba, dinosaurs are extinct.

I don’t say that word essint mumma. Meaning she doesn’t know what that word means.

Extinct means that the dinosaurs don’t live any more.

They don’t live here, so where do they live?

They all died a long time ago Love Bug.

Aw, poor dinosaurs.

She was quiet for a full minute, then this gem.

Grandpa has dinosaurs in heaven.

Does he Love Bug?

Yes mumma, because he died and is in heaven and if the dinosaurs died they’re in heaven too. They must be having so much fun playing together. I think he has a lot of dinosaur friends.

Or maybe just one or two.


Grandpa has dinosaurs in heaven

I love how her mind works.

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  1. So sweet. I bet Grandpa has made friends with some of the pink dinosaurs, too.

  2. Rachel Beckett says:

    Love this šŸ™‚ we recently lost a pregnancy at 14 weeks and my 4 year old often talks about the baby being in heaven šŸ™‚ such lovely souls x

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss – maybe your bubba is playing with dinosaurs too? xx

      1. Rachel Beckett says:

        Most definitely playing with dinasours šŸ™‚

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