Throwback Thursday {Have I been here before?}

I randomly hit on a blog {which is the very technical way I usually select my Throwback Thursday subjects} and landed on January 2012, the blog below.

Kind of spooky really, because it is exactly how I feel today, right down to the maybe having to move part. Yep, you read that correctly. Cross your paws – and everything else you can – that the people who own our gorgeous little house do not want to sell it. Because we love it and we really don’t want to have to move. Again. Ugh.

Throwback Thursday {Have I been here before?}

The overwhelming enormity of it all
Tuesday 17 January 2012

I’m a glass half full girl. I see the positive in most situations. I believe in people.

But today the overwhelming enormity of it all settled like a black cloud just above my head – and that cloud wouldn’t go away. I had to bite back tears any number of times.

I am responsible for so much. Don’t get me wrong, I chose this responsibility – and I wouldn’t give up being mumma to Bubba, Bella and Bear for anything in the world.

I would, however, like the universe and destiny to cut me some slack. I don’t want to be stressed any more.

And I’d really like some stability in my life.

Sure, I’d love to stay home with my three loves all day every day, but I have to go to work. At least until someone turns my blog into a book then options it for theatrical release and it becomes a Hollywood blockbuster.

But for now, back to reality.


I need a permanent job. It shouldn’t be this hard to find one.

I hope we don’t have to move house. Aside from the huge task that is packing your life and moving some place new, doing that with a baby and two dogs is huger! And in Australia (as utterly ridiculous as this is) renting when you have one fur kid is tough enough, let alone two. And they’re not small. That’s if you can find a rental property. Rents are high and rental properties are limited.

I came home to my beautiful girl and basked in her love and spent time sitting on the floor with her while she put toys on my head and giggled. I cuddled my beautiful dogs. I read my favourite blogger’s blogs.

I know it will all be okay. I trust that my guardian angel is looking over us.

But for now, I’d really just like someone else to look after me for a while. Sometimes this being a mumma all on your own is a tough gig.

Some days the road is bumpy. Today was one of those days.

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    1. I know … 9 months into my 12 month lease it really is not the phone call I was after.

  1. Keeping everything crossed that you don’t have to start the house hunting again so soon. Having moved twice in two years I got my little place and announced never again! Thinking of you guys!!

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