Crossing the Border

As I looked at Beary’s snout poked around the bathroom door, just as it does every single time I’m in the shower, I saw a flash of why people often ask me if he’s part Border Collie. I don’t usually see it but in that moment I did. I assured him I wasn’t going to disappear and there was no trap door in the shower which he responded by nudging the door open a little further then sitting pressed up against the shower door. Funny puppy.

The border collie moment made me think of these guys who showed up on my social media feed yesterday.

Max  Luke

No-one here will be surprised by just how much I want to help these fuzzy loves. My love of the Border Collie began at a very young age and I’ve been known to help and fall in love with collies I’ve never met! Surrendered from the same family yesterday, Max & Luke are a pair of very handsome boys, aged 3.5. Both noted by previous owner as good with children and other dogs, but not suited to a family with cats or small livestock.

I thought about the number of times I’ve heard or read oh but I really want a [insert breed] and they are rarely found in pounds then tried to recount the number of border collies I’ve seen surrendered in the past few weeks. As I mentioned on a feed recently: there are dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments in pounds. They are not broken, they have just been given up on. Usually through no fault of their own.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of stunning pals and you can provide them with an active lifestyle, I urge you to go out and meet these boys at Renbury Farm … and to share them with everyone you know!


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  1. I nipped into the bathroom the other day leaving BD in the kitchen. He pushed his way into the bathroom to join me and I hate to admit it but I’m kinda pleased he did – it’s not the same peeing with out a dog smiling at you!

    Keeping everything crossed these two lovelies find a forever home soon.

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