Who broke mumma’s bed?

I’ve had a sore back for the past four and a half years off and on.

A car accident a few years earlier {which I walked away from at the time feeling fine} actually twisted my pelvis. It played up a bit when I was pregnant. Then I had a fall while carrying Love Bug when she was nearly one.

Each of these things were minor really, but my back does give me grief – some days more than others. Yesterday was one of those days.

When I finally made my bed at 9:30pm I was looking forward to crawling into it with my hot water bottle for my back and my fuzzy loves.

I wasn’t expecting my bed to collapse as I fell into it! The base chose that moment to give up.

Who broke mumma’s bed? Was it all the jumping perhaps? This, of course, was the first thing Love Bug said when she saw it: mumma, can we still jump on it?

I spent the next 20 minutes taking the bed apart {fully supervised of course}.


A mattress on the floor. I feel like a kid again. Bella and Beary didn’t seem to mind at all.

Thermomix has now been bumped down the wish list again … behind a bed and washing machine.

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  1. New bed! So fun! I love the bed supervisors!

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