Your precious world can change in a split second

I’ll start by saying the 4 of us are absolutely fine.

Yesterday I had the wind knocked out of me though – a moment that made me realise (yet again) how your precious world can change in a split second.

Bubba and I had gone to visit her grandma to borrow her kitchen scale. Why? Because mine decided not to work and Bubba is 1 this Saturday (I know right, where did that time go?) so there is a lot of baking going on! I probably could have just bought a new scale, but for me that would be an all day task – I’m very particular about my kitchen items. And yesterday I didn’t have all day.

Bubba’s grandma lives on a very busy street with lots of traffic – and quite often that traffic goes by at some speed.

I was carrying Bubba in the Baby Bjorn pouch – because she’s still light enough and I love having her so close – and she was facing forward. As I stepped off the kerb behind my car, I tripped on a rug someone had left on the kerb and fell forward. Onto the road. The busy road.

In that instant between vertical and horizontal, I managed to flip myself around so that I landed on my back and Bubba was on top of me. In the instant when I realised she was on top of me, I also realised we were lying on the road. The busy road. Way too close to the lane with cars zooming by.

Luckily Bubba’s grandma was standing there with us and helped us up and into the car. A bloody knee, a bruised right hip, a rotten headache and a back ache (which the osteo said this morning needs a bit of panel beating but will be fine) for mumma. Bubba doesn’t have a scratch.

She does, however, have an extra stockpile of love. I barely put her down all afternoon.

Thank you to our Guardian Angel (her grandpa) for looking after us. Because we know too well, life can alter in a split second.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank God you are all okay! The knees hurt but they will heal. My heart stopped when I read this…. it is amazing how one moment life is good and happy and in the blink of a eye it can change. Again, thank God your okay. I always tell people, treat each moment with your family and pets as if it is the last one…. because … well sometimes it is. We are so glad your okay and you know, you are one great quick thinking mumma for thinking so quickly to flip on your back…
    *You should be nominated for mother of the year!*

    God Bless You and Thank You God for everyone being okay!

    The Collies and Chuck πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not sure about mother of the year, but my mother instincts certainly kicked in. And much better that I’m in pain than my precious bubba! Thanks for caring about us πŸ™‚

  2. OMG!! Thank goodness you’re OK. Good reflexes and agility – spinning around to land on your back. Ouch. Maybe you can audition for Cirque de Sole after you get healed! Feel better soon. Thanks, Grandpa!

    1. My mum said my moves were from all the years of gymnastics I did as a kid!

  3. How scary! I am so glad to hear Bubba is fine and hope you are feeling better real soon πŸ™‚

  4. Bongo says:

    So glad your guardian angel was watching out for you. Scary moment!

  5. jhwilliams70 says:

    So glad you are ok bar the panel beating sessiosn you need to undergo! Some people!!!

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    I’m glad you began the post by sayng that you are okay. Otherwise I would have worried so much as I read it. You and Bubba were very lucky. Tall person had an accident on a motorcycle when he was younger and ended up trapped beneath his bike in the middle of a very busy road. He couldn’t move because the motorcycle was too heavy. A kind person stopped and helped him – others just walked by. Please be careful!!!

  7. dogdaz says:

    Glad you are both safe. I remember how much I cried the first time I tried to take my daughter to the doctor, when she was 3 days old, and it was pouring down rain and I could not figure out how to protect her and myself and carry her carrier and …. to make a long story short I absolutely understand and it sounds like Bubba has a wonderful protector in her mummy and so do you. ❀ DogDaz

  8. That gave me chill bumps. I’m so glad you are both safe, but what a scary moment.

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