Wild and woolly

It’s 1am Wednesday in Sydney.

The weather outside is frightful. Winds gust at up to 160km {100m} per hour in some areas; pounding rain; earth moving thunder; lightning that brightens up the room; flooding everywhere; flights all diverted away from the airport; trees down; power out to 30,000 homes; main arterial roads and railways cut off; and deep snow falling in places that rarely if ever see snow.

In Spring.

On the weekend our beaches were crowded. We had our Love Bugs slathered in sunscreen and hats to play soccer at 8am. It was hot.

Why am I awake at this dark hour? Other than the noise … Beary. He is a little freaked out by the howling winds and thrashing noises coming from outside and he can’t quite settle. I think if he could crawl under my skin he would. Bella who is not normally phased by the weather is smooshed against the other side of me. As I hold them close and reassure them I will keep them safe and dry, my mind turns to all of the poor little critters terrified in shelters; of those who have homes, but are outside dogs who will be spooked by the weather and run away tonight.

Social media friends will know that I am constantly sharing the plight of abandoned or lost dogs in my feeds.

As your act of kindness today, I’m going to ask you do this: share those posts. No matter where they are from. Mid-week is euthanasia time at a lot of shelters. Weather like this will not help the saves today. There will be more dogs out and lost. Dogs who weren’t coping with shelter life are likely to be the ones who are put to sleep first. Not because no-one cares for them, but because another week in a shelter for a dog who is that distressed is no way to live. Do I wish I could save them all? You bet. Am I going to share every lost, abandoned, orphaned or kill listed dog on my feed today? you bet.

To start, here are a few Renbury Farm lovelies who are on today’s kill list. Click through link for more details.

mikey naya bobby sony beau

This little guy at Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter is so sad his tail has stopped wagging.

Does it break anyone else’s heart that bit more when they are only known as a number?

October is #AdoptAShelterDogMonth.

Go on … take home your own wild and woolly!

If you can’t take one home, please share so someone else doesn’t miss falling in love with their fuzzy soul mate.

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