So I started this group

For a long time I’ve thought about starting a Facebook group that had something to do with this blog. Not just a page for people to like, but something more. Being part of a number of other mumma groups, a couple of days ago I finally set it up.

A group for mummas like me: single by chance, mumma by choice. I’ve not made it a public group because I wanted the members to feel like they can discuss openly, in a supportive environment, the happiness, challenges and general day-to-day that comes with embarking on this joyous {if sometimes bumpy} journey alone.

So I started this group
MJ & Love Bug {photo credit: Israel Smith}

I also think it’s good timing for Love Bug to meet some other donor bubbas. I started the group with the thought it would be localised and for the sake of getting together it will be.

But … and it’s a big but … I don’t want anyone who is either already on this journey, or thinking about this but wanting to talk to people who have lived through it, to feel precluded from requesting membership solely because of geography.

If nothing else, blogging for almost four years has taught me that you can become firm friends and have genuine interest in the well-being of those you have never met, who live in different parts of the world, and who come from backgrounds as varied as the lands we inhabit.

So, if you know any girls who identify as single mummas by choice, or who are thinking about it, please share this post. Hey, why not share it anyway … you may have friends who feel like they are alone in thinking about this. They need to know they’re not.

{ps I know this is not the only group of its kind, but this is a group I created – so I know it will be filled with honesty, laughter, support, love and a little Pinot!}

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