Sometimes mummas are naughty

Even though they don’t look like they could be {ha ha}, sometimes mummas are naughty.

Sometimes mummas are naughty

Not naughty like they used to be before they were mummas, but naughty nonetheless.

Just like their kids, this tends to happen when they are tired and haven’t been eating properly {crap food = crap mood}! On top of all of this if they have been stressing about things, they tend to be grumpy then naughty is sometimes only one step away.

Someone we know and love was wandering around eating yoghurt from a squeezie pack, flung her arms around and the contents went all over mumma’s bed – bedspread, throw rug and a few items of clothing.

Aparently that was the one step, and mumma started yelling. Grumpy, naughty mumma.

Dogs fled, Love Bug cried. So did mumma.

Many kisses, cuggles and apologies later, all was okay. No-one is perfect I know, but the mumma guilt that comes with being a naughty mumma is awful!


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  1. I’m not sure that’s naughty behavior as much as normal mumma behavior. Cuggles and fuzzy loves makes it all better either way.

  2. Nomibug says:

    Naughty mumma is a much better title than crazy angry mumma. I think I’ll start using your title from now on instead. Glad the tears ended in cuggles… As they always do! Xx

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