Flashback Friday: Guess How Much I Love You?

Love Bug sleeps with Guess How Much I Love You under her pillow. Every night. There are other books which come and go beneath her pillow, but that one is a staple. Little wonder really. I think I could probably say it backwards by now. And I really do love it.

Not as much as I love her of course … moon and back, infinity.

Pictures speak a thousand words

… which is lucky, as I’m too tired to type!

hi bubba … hi mumma

snoozing (but not at 3am)

Every night before I go to sleep, from 5 months into my pregnancy, I have read this book. I’ll keep reading it to her & soon she will know it by heart – as I do.

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  1. Belinda says:

    This is also one of our favourite books for both of our kids. It’s looking pretty worse for wear after 2 kids but it’s still an all time favourite. Love these images – tell a thousand love stories themselves.

  2. The pictures speak volumes. Rituals last forever. They live inside us.

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